Should I trust this girl who rejected me in the past now that she made an obvious move?

We've been friends for a couple years and she rejected me initialy and we stayed friends. We have become super close friends now and i am still attracted to her she has had her fun with some guys and dated/ flirted around. Now that we're in our 3rd year of college she has settled down big time and we hang out quiet a bit and she layed her head on my shoulder at the campus bar then ran her hand down my arm and held my hand. I didn't resist then when I dropped her off at the residence apartment we stay at we shared a long hug she went into her place. She want that drunk so it wasn't the alcohol that made her do it cause I've seen her wasted.



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  • I think its too early to tell if she wants anything serious based on a small thing like that, she might have just wanted a little bit of affection or something. Just be straightforward and tell her how you feel.


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