She said she is not sure if she likes me, and she has a boyfriend, but she still flirts with me?

she blows me kisses, strokes my head, stares at me, laughs, smiles etc. Her boyfriend is a very good looking lad and i can't see her leaving him for me.. should i just be friends and see what the future holds?


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  • She is playing with you.


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  • You my friend, just saw your juliet, she gave you a gun, and demanded you to play russian roulette with yourself. I don't want to be mean in any way but you have to give her a break because she is playing you. You can still be friends with her but you have to cut off the love. It sounds to me like she has been thinking about it for some time. If she still haven't told you anything, then it's just for the excitement of having another guy that likes her. You need to let her know that you two are just friends. Even if you still like her, because she will not form any feelings of love towards you. She will proberbly be a little angry or sad or tells you that she actually liked (or loved), but that's just to lure you into the trap again. Again, i want to help you because this will end with your heart broken. Hope you figure it out :-) (Sorry if i sounded mean)