My gut tells me he likes me, but want your opinion?

So I have a crush on this guy, & I visit his workplace a lot. I think he likes me too, I get that gut feeling, but I doubt myself sometimes.
1. He always makes a point to talk to me, even if he is doing stuff at work, he will normally make his way over to me multiple times to talk. 2. He stares a lot. I catch him looking at me often, sometimes he will hold it & smile at me, but many times I'll look away quickly because I get shy. When we talk sometimes, or I am about to leave, he seems to look very deeply into my eyes when talking. 3. He uses my name A TON. Ever since he learned my name, he will use my name multiple times. Other friends of his come in too, but I don't know their names! I feel like if he said their names a ton too, I would know them. 4. He seems sad when I have to leave or if he goes on break. It's like his face actually looks sad, & he seems to hate to say goodbye. The other day he had to go on lunch, & he came up to me out of no where, & said "___, I have to go on my lunch break. If you are already gone by the time I get back, I wanted to tell you goodbye & to have a good rest of the day." He was staring deeply into my eyes too it seemed like. Or once, he misheard me, he thought I was leaving, and he goes "what? You are leaving?" Like he didn't want me to, & then when I said no, he relaxed.
5. He likes to joke around with me, sort of tease me in funny little ways. Or he will find a reason to give a high five, or it seems like he leans in towards me at times. Like get close.6. He is open & honest. While we do have tons of fun lighthearted chat, he has opened up too at times about his past, some of which isn't necessarily good stuff. Or he has said things like "just between you and me..." 7. He asks about me, what I am doing, my life, etc. 8. I gave him my number on paper, never heard from him, but first thing the next time I visited, he came up explained that he misplaced it, & asked me for my number.
What do y'all think?


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