My birthday is tomorrow. Should I tell her?

Long story short. I've been dating a very great women who just got divorced this year for about 2 months. Last month was her birthday and did a scavenger hunt for her around the city which ended in drinks and dinner. She was very happy and we've made out passionately many times. I have mention her my birthday next month and for the past 2 weeks she has reschudule our date due to family and work. So I have asked which date will she be available and she texted "Monday or Tueday?" I texted her Monday will do and can't wait to see her, but received no response there after. I continued with my weekend for a 3 day music festival and I've realized Monday will be my birthday.

Should I tell her? I don't want it to look like a bribe to confirm Monday date or I shouldn't be responsible for reminding her? What should I do? I'm afraid that if I do not tell her and she finds out, she would be upset since I remembered her birthday and made it wonderful.


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  • No you don't need to tell her. Go on about your business like it's any other day, cause it really is just any other day.

  • I don't think so. She already knows your birthday. Remembering it one day before can be kinda pushy.