Wrote a letter to ask girl to homecoming dance. Want to see if it would be good enough to give to her?

So here is the letter, also I've known her for a while and consider her a good friend.

Dear *****,
Ever since I've known you freshmen year, you have always been an amazing person. Your outgoing personality always finds a way to make my day. I truly do admire your sarcastic wit that others do not understand. I love being able to joke with you and make you smile. With your humor there is also the caring side of you. The care you have for family and friends is very remarkable. When we speak I am reminded of your friendliness and the optimisim you carry everyday. Out of everyone I know I want to ask a question. I would be humbled and honored if you said yes to the question. Would you like to go to homecoming with me?
Warm Regards ***** *******


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  • Assaw that's so sweet! I hope she says yes... And yes I think keeping it short and sweet is more than enough. Good luck 😉

    • Thank you for the feedback. I hope she says yes too!

    • The letter is perfect... I'm sure she'll be very happy to say yes ☺️

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  • It's funny because everyone has "sarcastic wit that others do not understand."

    If I were you I would put something humorous in there, cause it's pretty heavy stuff. But only if you're funny.

    Other than that, I think it should work. BEST OF LUCK!

    • Thanks for the feedback! Yeah I thought of putting a joke or something but I don't want to detract from the point too much. It is pretty heavy I suppose but we usually joke around a lot so maybe it will be a nice change of pace for her :)

    • Yeah she'll know you're serious. Hopefully she won't post a GAG question asking "what this letter means".

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