Why are girls so shallow and mean?

If a guy acts like a douchebag and commits crimes and wears saggy pants and plays rap music loudly she will chas after him and pay attention to him. But I a guy doesn't act like a douchebag and acts normal she ignores him and doesn't pay attention. They only care about six pack abs and black men and white men.

In america if you are not white or black you are basically the bottom of the food chain and viewed as "inferior" and unattractive.

I don't expect anything in return from anyone I expect to be treated EQUALLY and to be treated with respect not to be laughed at and overlooked because of my race or my appearance. Im not fat or skinny I have a belly but thats it and I have a crooked nose because of a car accident when I was a 3 years old. I didn't ask to look the way I am, I am who I am. I am sorry that I am not black, I am sorry that I am not white, I am sorry that I do not fit your defninition of "attractive." I don't like rap music, I don't like acting like a thug. I don't like drugs I don't like alcohol, I don't like acting bad I was not raised to be bad. I know you women vieew good as a sign of weakness and bad a sign of strength and might but I am far from weak, I am quite atheletic, and fit, and I won't hesitate to punch a thug who tries to act tough to "impress" his girlfriend.

Don't underestimate me because of my race, don't assume I am not good enough just because of the colour of my skin.

I get it, I am an outsider here in america and because I am not black or white I don't belong here and because I don't act, speak like people here you don't like me. Where i come from no matter who you are rich or poor people treat you with kindness and are tolerant but here if you are an outsider they laugh at you, mock you, and make you feel unwelcomed. I don't have to like what you like, I refuse to like baseball, I refuse to like American football, Iand refuse to like basketball and I refuse to wear nike. I will wear what I want, I will speak how I want, I will like what I want.

If you judge people based on what they wear, where they come from, how they look, then you need to change your atitude.


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  • Wow.. That was a long story. But I get your point. But just like you don't want us females to judge you then you should stop judging us all. Not all females like brainpesd "thugs" or rappers. I personally like a man who has his own goals in life and is mature ans just nice, in one word just a MAN.

    You don't have to feel bad about how you look. Just make yourself look the best you that you can look like. Dress yourself nicely and you will find a girl that loves you for you one day. And people always talk does not matter what you look like.

  • Girls will come, just look for them.


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