Has anyone been in an abusive relationship before?

Are you scared from it? If you want you can leave a story in the description.

  • I've been abused physically
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  • I've been abused mentally
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  • I haven't been in an abusive relationship
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  • I've been abused mentaly. There was this girl I once loved. I was a pothead nerd she was those party type of girls which I never knew. we met in a computer class. anyways she would cut herself, hang around with her old guy friends , talk about her ex how he was a real man, talk about depressing stuff, knock on random doors and then she would go inside. I was blind. one time when she came she was all drunk two guys dropped her off and were laughing. I saw her face and she was smiling. I kept so much pain bottled up. until one day I drunk 2 bottles of vodka and woke up in a hospital. She then broke up with me and kicked me out of her house. I was so depressed I almost shot myself in the head. my best friend showed up and she saved my life. The only person who cried for me and she was holding me in her arms. that was 3 years ago. Now Im doing way better Im smiling everyday enjoying every moment of life :)


Most Helpful Girl

  • Well I have been abused mentally, thankgod I got out of it before it got physical. He was just very obsesive, jealous and needed to know where I was every second of the day and with who I was. He would come over and check if i was where I said I'd be. And just was always very mean and degrading. I thought that I could change his behavior but that was my misstake. To everyone else who are in a similar situation, leave before you get too attached. You deserve better!:)


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  • Yes, I grew up in an abusive household. It sucked and I have a mental disability.

    • I'm very sorry for your safety, Please don't hold it all in, and feel free to look for help, or someone to just tak to.

  • I haven't been in neither physically nor mentally abusive relationship cause i haven't even been in a relationship lol


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