Are we more than a friend with benefits?

Before you comment Ask him - I know I should I just want other people's opinions!

here's some facts about us-
1. Been dating/seeing each other for just over a year now
2. He calls me darling and sends me goodnight texts some nights
3. On Saturday he took me to breakfast with his guy mates because that's the only time we could see each other because I've been away
4. I've met his brother and sister because they live together and his dad too when he was down from Perth. Haven't met his mum
5. We go on dates, dinner, movies
6. He told me his deepest darkest secret 3 d ays ago
7. We have amazing sex that usually ends in cuddles and sleep overs.
8. He asked me what team I was going for in the nrl grand final and said that whoever I was going for won't affect our relationship (this point is him saying relationship like is that a hint he may like me or am k overthinking hahaha)

that's all I can think of atm, but if you have questions just ask! X

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Most Helpful Girl

  • usually friends with benefits aren't into that type of stuff. sometimes, most likely something like this would happen. you can't simply have amazing sex often with the same person and not start getting feelings for them... just my opinion.

    • I agree, I think we both like each other our lives are hectic and we're comfortable with each other. We're happy just not titled :)

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What Guys Said 2

  • It doesn't sound like he wants an actual relationship.

    • Because he hasn't labeled it? What makes you think that? Thanks for the opinion! I should mention that he's 26 and I'm 21

  • Sounds like you're in a relationship

    • I think so too, when he was telling me hai decry he said the only other person he told was his ex so that just made me think about it

What Girls Said 2

  • Clarify this stuff with him. There is no way guessing things in this situation. You never know! Sometimes guys do things because its logical to do and they won't mean a thing more.

    • I know your right, I should ask him. Just curious as to what other people would think about this situation :)

    • All the facts that you mentioned are the ones which "FWB"s don't do and specifically guys. But still :)

  • Does sound like you both are in a relationship, plus if you have met his family you must mean something too him.

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