First date anxiety?

What to wear on the first day with this guy? It'll be in a cold night at a coffee shop. And i want to look sexy (not trashy). And can i get some advices about conversations topics and flirting?


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  • Relax, be yourself. Try to find out what interests him. Ask him about what he was like when he was little. Guys love to talk about that. Have fun !


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  • If you like him and he likes you, everything will most likely go pretty smoothly. I'd say to just try and relax, don't have a bunch of questions/things you want to talk about because then it may be less fun and more structured. Even though you'd like to plan ahead to make things less awkward and avoid silence, planning conversation topics can do just the opposite. As for wearing something sexy yet not trashy, I'd say stick with one thing you'd like to show off. If you want to wear a bit of a low cut shirt, don't wear super skin tight pants. Vice versa, if you'd like to show off your hot booty, don't wear too revealing of a blouse. When trying to look older and sexier I like to stick with warmer colored clothing. In my opinion, dark red, dark green, black, dark gray, etc. are nice colors. However, it all depends on your style. First dates are almost always going to be a bit awkward, but just try to enjoy yourself and he most likely will too. If you're an anxious person and he's not, chances are he won't detect as much awkwardness in the date as you will. I'm a pretty shy, introverted girl and on my first date I had fun but thought it was a bit awkward, however, when my friend (who I met him through) asked him about the date he said it was great and super fun. Good luck, I hope it's great! You'll be fine!


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