Why do I always fail with getting girls I really like?

I've noticed a depressing fucked up trend that apparently happens with me. first off, i'm 24 6ft 2, blonde hair with blue eyes, college guy. I've been told i'm attractive apparently. So when I muster up the courage or find a good excuse to get a girls number from class i like, at first ill ask her in person if she's interested in hanging out or doing something together on a upcoming weekend she of course says sure im down, but then, the fucked up trend goes like this: at first they don't reject and are open for anything; obvious sign apparnly of a girl showing interest in me. Then, when the weekend comes up, 99% of the time they pull the excuses or flake as usual. Then in class they become less and less talkitive to me and they become distnant. I feel like i'm boring or not fucking spontanious enough. It pisses me off because its not the first time this has happend. It's happened over and fucking over again and again. I took two years off from college and now that im back at it its pretty pathetic that i can't even pull a freshman girl. Yea, sure I get their numbers but as quick as me and a girl start the fire of attraction with one another, it goes dim and out as fast as it was started in so many words. I'm usually a shy guy, and it's very frusterateing as fuck! It's also depressing as fuck and annoying. I'm literally on the verge of giving up on girls and honestly to not give a fuck anymore about them. Mrs. Wright isn't out there for me as it looks like. I think i'm a good catch but every single time it never works out. This girl that i liked since my freshman year, I so happen to be in a class with her this semester. I really like her, and I feel like she doesn't feel the same way i feel about her as she feels about me. It's like she's that beautiful where I can't even muster the courage to go up to her after class and try to talk to her, it's that pathetic. But she's definitly a solid 9! Beautiful blonde with blue eyes like myself; should i give up?


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  • Talk her and don't be shy. Become out going.

    • easier said then done

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    • Good luck then.

    • thanks

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  • Never give up even though it is frustrating, it's not your looks, something with your approach afterwards, I'm not sure what you say or do when you call them but something is off, bad rap or something you tell them, sometimes you just have to tell them what they want to hear whether it's true or not to at least get them interested to get to know you

    • Yeah man but the problem is that I can't get them intrigued enough to be interested in me.

    • i can bullshit the problem is not putting them under the bullshit illusion but backing the bullshit up is my predicament!

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  • Go for it and be funny. That's really all you need

    • been told I'm funny before

  • Build more rapport with her before asking her out. Get to know her a little bit more and let her get to know you. How would you feel if some guy asked for your number and asked to hang out with you (just as a friend) on the weekend and knew very little about him? I'd flake out too.