Guys when a girl texts you and you don't text back?

Does it mean that the girl is annoying you or you need a break from talking to her or?
This guy im talking to didn't respond to my last text about me saying i think I've lost all sense of selfrespect because I'm buying my first pair of crocs :x
I know im kinda looking to deep into this but he always responds and is pleasent to text so I don't know
Ps i know im super lame and embarrassing but we text all the time so im not sure if i should stop texting him as much for awhile. I really like him so I don't know


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  • I always text everyone back and fuck everyone who doesn't.

    • Oh ikr. I hate it when they don't even leave a late response

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  • as soon as i get a text. i will text the person back at my earliest convenience

  • Yeah to be honest I need a break and just need to enjoy my day and relax when a girl text's me all day everyday, because I got things to do like make money, & it's not personal it's just the same repeating every day gets tiring & yes annoying sometimes... But doesn't mean anything bad... It just means I gotta get to my money.. Dope boy ha


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