Why doesn't my boyfriend want to see me more?

When we do see each other we usually spend the whole day after work together or on the weekends the night and a day. But we only see each other twice a week. When he's with me his behavior indicates he really likes and cares about me but when we aren't together he doesn't initiate texting very often. We've been together 4 months and I'm crazy for him but keep it to myself. I intend to tell him the next time I see him that I want to see him more but why doesn't he want to see me more?


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  • Guys need their guy time and alone time. I'm learning this myself that you can't push too much. He'll appreciate you more and want to see you more in the long run if you don't push to see him.

    • Yeah I know you don't solve the problem of needing more time by demanding it. I'm just going to tell him I would like to spend a set night during the week cooking dinner together. That way we don't always have to be planning dates. It is just understood on x-day we stay home a cook. He likes doing that anyways.

    • I think that's a great date night!

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  • my ex was like that. But in my situation it's because he wasn't that into the relationship.

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