Is there a chance for me with this girl?

Me and one of my best friends hooked up twice when we first met and fooled around a couple more times, but when I told her I liked her more then a friend recently she said she doesn't want to date but then a month later (now), we have drank a couple times and she always gets me to go into the bathroom with her when she uses it and then just last night she made me come into the bathroom while she showered after we got back to her place after a party and she was going to get me to sleep in her bed with her but then her mom made her sleep on the couch. I just don't know what to think anymore haha I'm starting to like her again and I'm just wondering if there is any chance of something happening in the future or am I stuck as her best friend for good?

sorry for the long post and bad grammar


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  • There's not a great chance


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