Is this guy serious or just playing games?

I've been seeing this guy for a few weeks. I'm in property management and he's a resident at the apartment complex I work at. He would always come in the office and talk with everyone (the manager loves him) and he would always talk to me but this was months ago. A few weeks ago he asked for my number and we hit it off. Texted all the time talked on the phone he would take me out to dinner or watch a movie at his apartment. One time I went out with my girls to drink and I stayed the night at his house. I was drunk and we just slept and cuddled and be didn't even try anything. I still haven't had sex with him we've just pecked kiss. Anyways lately he's been playing games. We agreed 2 nights ago since I worked sat morning I was going to come by for a few hours before work he was going to leave the key. I was at work 2 hours early and no key and wouldn't answer the phone. He "woke up" at 12 saying how sorry he was and that night (yesterday) he took me out to longhorn and we watched a movie at his apt. No sex. He then started acting funny and was like ignoring me around 10 ish and it made me mad so k was like I'm just going to go home and he's like ok and didn't walk me out or nothing then last night he called me at 1:30 am and was like can u come over in the morning before u work I said ok he said call me before u leave (work is 1 hour away) Icalled twice and no answer. Glad I didn't drive over there. He texted me at 4 pm saying sorry baby he woke up just now. Then was going to take a shower. I was like are j going to stop by the office? No reply. I was like I'm closing at 5 and I want to see u. No reply. It's not 10:00 I called him a few times no answer. Like wtf? he has sickle cell so I know he can get tired a lot but wtf? Why is he blowing me off when we were just PERFECT at dinner sat. he's 27 by the way and Puerto Rican. Not trying to stereotype but I know some cultures treat their women certain ways. HELP:(

He's also said he made a key for my to his apt but when I ask for it be puts it off for tmrw and he says he wants me to leave some of my stuff at his apt so im comfortable. He also asks for me to stay the night a lot and I say no because I want to take it slow and he says I did that 1 night. I said that's different and he get this Puerto Rican attitude with me


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  • Ok, you lost me with the Puerto Rican thing. But honestly, this man sounds like a huge liability and if I were you, I'd be very careful dealing with him on a personal level. Luckily you didn't have sex with him.

  • He is in to you

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