Does she actually like me or not?

So I'm in a weird sort of situation here. I've been seeing this girl for 2 and a half months. We met online on a dating website. We met up after a week of chatting online and I've been seeing her 2 to 4 times a week since, either for dates or we will just hang out at each others place together. We haven't been intimate... no kissing or sex. We hug a lot... nice long embraces. Also I'll just sort of put my arm around her/hold her type thing if we're chilling on the couch type thing. When we're out, she holds onto my arm, and there's lots of body contact. And we've been chatting every single day since we first met. Often into the wee hours.

Three weeks ago I disabled my dating profile as I do really like her. While we were talking a week a go she logged in to check something from one of our old convos and she noticed and just asked when I deleted it. I told her. And she just said I'm glad you're not sick of me and we moved on. So she is still on there. I didn't think much of it at first but eventually I was curious so I've logged in and couple of times in the past week and each time it says she was last logged on that day or the day before. So she is going on there regularly.

So I'm just completely confused as to what's happening. I'm all for taking it slow, but from my side at least, it feels like we are at least at the kissing point, and there has been opportunities that felt right (again, from my perspective) but that she just didn't go for. And then I find out she's regularly logging onto the dating site still. That just throws a spanner in the works.

We haven't had the exclusivity talk. But from my perspective, if you like the person and want to be with them, then you'd just take your profile down... as I did. No? And surely after seeing that I took my one down, I thought that would have sent a pretty clear message... and that she might have done the same after a week. I'm so confused.

What are your thoughts?


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  • you're life would be much easier if you just straightforwardly asked her.


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  • You've been seeing her for more than two months, you've never kissed or been intimate, she knows you took down your dating site profile, and hers is still active. Sounds to me like you're seriously wasting your time with her.