Anyone use this app?

Have any of you guys or girls used tinder for dating? Did it work and how did you like it?


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  • From what I've heard, tinder is more for hook-ups. So I wouldn't try it unless you're just looking for something very casual...

    • . I'm not into the hook ups

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    • Thanks for the help

    • You're welcome, and good luck!

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  • Don't use it. Trust me

    • Thanks. I don't want a hook up. I want a relationship

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  • I used the app. Many of the guys i met on there really did not want to be friends or have relationships, just wanted sex. I have deleted my account and blocked all their numbers from there as it is not what i am looking for.

    • I'm not into hook ups.

    • You suggest any other sites?

    • I know, that is why i am telling you i found the app is actually used more for hooking up than it is to find friends or dates. try a dating site like okcupid or match. com or something like that:) I can not be sure if girls on tinder are looking to just hook up (i wasn't but didn't find any guys who were not looking to hook up)

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