Do I sound like I am afrade of commitment or something else? What do you think?

A couple months ago, I was dating a guy and I guess was in a relationship. I liked him a lot at first, so did he and he was really nice, but as I and my family got to know the guy. Me and my family that I live with saw that we were going too fast, they did say things to me about him, but of corse I didn't listen because I wanted to figure it out myself. We did do sexual things and my family knew about it because they found me in my room with him. We went to the gym together and went out to eat and that was nice, but our convorsations were kind of limited to the topics he would talk about over and over again. He would talk about his ex-girlfriends, I guess they to decribe what happed but it came off as him just wanting someone to have sex with, rather then a girlfriend. I would talk about my past with partying a lot and doing things that are probably innapropreate for most people but I told him I do not want to do that anymore. That I want to find someone perminet, and he wanted the same but the only thing that was the problem was that he would talk about his ex-girlfriends, like he still liked them and I guess I got jelous and stopped talking to the guy. He still wants me back and thats great but I want to move on. I told him but he doesn't get it. This was my first attemtp at finding a boyfriend and having an acctual relationship, so was I mean or was I just scared of commiting to someone?


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  • the best advice that I can give u is.

    1. first thing first you did the right thing by moving on because a guy who talks about his ex girlfriend everyday that means he still in love with his ex girlfriend or he wants to get back with her. I hope that answers your first question.

    2. you should invite him to your house sit down with him when your family is around tell him that you do not want to be with him without yelling or screaming at him.

    3. If he doesn't understand tell him that you will put a restraining order against him.

    • Well Thanks. Yes I can do that if he keeps trying because I don’t want to go out with him and I want to move on. I even gave him the silent treatment too.

    • you're very welcome no problem anytime

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