Guys, why do guys in committed relationships follow random girls and like random girls pics on social media? What is the meaning to if? Why do it?


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  • Because beautiful girls are beautiful.
    It's as simple as that. We are attracted to beauty and the fact that we have one with us doesn't mean that others are suddenly ugly.

    If I bought a very beautiful painting and brought it home. Does that mean that I can't go to a museum look at other paintings? Why should we not look at other paintings? we can appreciate the beauty of all paintings. Not just the one we have at home.

    As long as it's only looking, I don't see a problem. Cheating is cheating and it's not my intention to euphemize it here.

    • Ok thank u for the explanation. How do you know they are sending any messages to these girls on social media... If they are not giving you access to their phone?

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    • Hehehe. Maybe give it some more time?
      I know what you mean about running a business. But compromise is at the heart of relationships. You used to not compromise and he was slowly taking you for granted. Compromises will be the way you will pull the blanket to your side so that both of you can equally feel warm. He'll need to realise that a couple is about two people, not him alone.

    • Oh yeah for him... Its all about his needs being satisfied. I feel I need to teach him about dating. He lacks experience in that department for sure. Yes my fault before giving into his demands and yesterday I think he was shocked I'm making demands.. Thanks to ur advice. He is like u really want it... Who does not.. Think about it.. Lol.

  • Cos ALL OF ME loves ALLLLLLLL OF YOU is an ideal but most of the time people fall short.