Same weird dream by three people?

So I was going out with this guy for almost 2 years, whom I broke up with last month. During the 2 year period 2 of my friends and I dreamed that he proposed to me and we were getting married. I had this dream again last week.

Why? What does it mean?

((My friends don't even know him in person, but had seen pictures of him, so that's weird that they dreamed that too.))


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  • the best advice that I can give you is.

    1. maybe it's a vision of the future that it's bound to happen maybe you need to marry him.

    2. this might sound a bit weird but they say that sometimes that people control space and time or people from the future will give you visions of what you're supposed to do before you even know Or before you even think it to try to change the pass so you and your friends having the same dream could be a good thing or a bad thing


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