Does he think I'm crazy?

I have been talking to guy who lives an hour away for a month. We have not been out on an official date due to his excuses and our schedules. However a week a go I told him how I felt he texted an nonchalant text I didn't respond to him for 2 days which he normally texts me every morning and day and he didn't until I texted him now the same thing happened I was upset with him and wasn't gonna initiate contact but I missed him so I sent him a poem through text about me missing him he hasn't, responded back. Does he think this chick crazy? Like I was trying to prove a point with the no contact I was trying to see how long it would take him to reach out after knowing that I was upset but he didn't I did do i just move on? How can I not make this mistake in future and not come off as crazy or bipolar lol


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  • best advice that I can give you is.

    1 First thing first you're not bipolar it sound like you was bipolar but you're not bipolar. i hope that answer your last question at the end.

    2. second of all you're not crazy either if you was crazy you will be blowing up his phone right about now.

    3. third of all you didn't do anything he just probably didn't understand the poem most guys don't understand that crap anyway.


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