Girls, why do women dislike guys who are not emotionally or physically attuned?

I'm drawn to a woman who stimulates me mentally: Be it a conversation about Fibonacci vs. Lukas, or the toxicity of the bite of Phoneutria Nigriventer. I seem to be at a loss on emotional conversation, and I do wonder why so many women thrive on such things. Why is it that feelings often take precedence? Why are the brass tacks avoided? Let's set the books aside for a second. Why is it that so many conversations are purely social? I find myself in situations that are often superficial and without any indepth meaning. Is it that the aforementioned brass tacks are too revealing? Is it that they are too personal? What is it? I do not ask within the confines of pride, I ask merely for information.


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  • Emotion is... pretty human.
    Nuff said.