Why is he trying to make me angry on purpose?

Its like he doesn't want to admit he likes me or desires me (because he knows im out of his league) so he pisses me off by saying stuff like i dont want to see you, i hate you, get lost, not talking but steal trying to get my attention, im getting tired of this, this a grown man of 28. WHy? and it works!


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  • Well, it certainly doesn't seem like you are out of his league cause he's playing you like a fiddle. If your attitude towards him is that way, that you are out of his league then his behavior may not be an act. On the other hand if he knows you think you are out of his league then he may just be doing that for entertainment cause it gets to you. If you aren't giving him attitude then he's just immature. But I get the feeling that's not the case.

    • physically i am out of his league

    • Well, it seems to me like you are not interested in him, but you are annoyed that he dismisses you so easily. While I'm sure you are a very attractive girl, that is just not enough for most guys. So, chances are he is annoyed by your attitude toward him cause he's smart enough to pick up on your belief that you are out of his league and your physical appearance is just not enough to overcame his aggravation toward you. If you like him, then you need to set aside your belief that you are out of his league and quit expecting that he is going to fall to his knees and proclaim his like for you.

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