Is my ex off 3 years dating a rebound?

So my ex is now dating after breaking up with me 3 months ago and a lot of fucked up shit has happend between us since then she has lost all respect for me even though we still have been sleeping around and hanging out she has treated me like shit but what I wanna know is this new guy a rebound they have only really hung out for 2-3 weeks they tell each other they love each other he bought her a puppy and he lives 15 hours away but his moving here in 5 weeks and I found out they're gonna be moving into a house together like what the hell! She has told me she still likes me and stuff and that she will always have some kind of love for me (first love) but is this guy actually a rebound or does she actually "love" him oh yeah plus since they've been dating she's already cheating on him with me anyone with any advice would be much appreciated!

Anyone at all advice would be handy


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  • No. It might be the real thing


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