How to tell the difference between a guy who is not interested in texting YOU and a guy who does not like to text much but still?

But is still interested in talking to you?

See I've been talking to this guy over message, who is pretty nice to me. He asks me about my life and my interests and stuff. The thing is, I tend to elaborate and go into detail over text, while he tends to just stick to the main idea. For example:

Me: I got up for sports practice really early this morning and I'm so tired out coach worked us out so hard.
Him: wow that sounds tough
Me: it's not too bad, I really enjoy it, plus I've been doing it my whole life so it's not too hard. I think it's just harder to get used to waking up so early!
Him: where do you guys practice?
Me: Mitch field. Its crazy dark there in the morning. Do you play any sports?
Him: yeah I play baseball.
Me: do you like it?
Him: I do enjoy it. Its something I've been interested in my entire life but never really started doing until now. Right now I've started playing in a series of community games, which is interresting. What are you studying in college?

You see? He doesn't seem to elaborate much oh him self right? Or am I just imagining that? Am I doing something wrong like being too random or what is your opinion of this whole convo?

The reason I'm asking is because he'll talk to me and reply to me and seem interested in my life and stuff, but every once in awhile he craps out on conversations and forgets to reply, but he never reinitiates conversation. It's always me who reinitiates the conversation, but everyone says he's shy and anti-social. So what do you think of this? Is it normal for a shy and anti-social person?


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  • He does, its just you talk more about you than him... I think you need to keep asking him about himself x

    • How so?

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    • But why won't he message me first why do I have to be the one to do it

    • Coz he doesn't know what to say