Am I just a fling or does he like me?

For the past month or so, I have been paying attention to this guy at my workplace. We are quite touchy and very flirty with each other. Whenever I come into work, he is always complimenting me and telling me that I'm pretty, gorgeous and that guys would be lucky to have me. He's also complimented me on my lips, my figure and all of this, which is very nice to hear. During work, we are quite close and we tend to be very near each other all the time. He would always talk about how he wants to be done with his ex and that he wants to be with a girl who is structured and has her life in order. He's always told that I always seem like I've got everything down packed and that I could juggle everything - work, college, volunteer work, social.

Anyway, fast forward, I found out that he has been asking other guys at work whether they think I am attractive and hot and he's been asking people at work about me. A couple of days later, he asked me out and I said yes, obviously. When we did go out for the first time, we kind of moved quite fast and we ended up sleeping together.

After that happened, we kept on being our normal selves at work except he seemed quite off or just aloof. We told each other that it'd be best to keep things low key so that there wouldn't be gossip or anything like that at work. A couple of days later, I found out that he told a couple of guys at work about what happened and a colleague of mine asked if I was just a once-off situation. He said 'yeah, probably. but i might do it again'.

Do you think he said that because he meant it or did he say that just to look good in front of his work friends?


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  • I'm thinking fling.