Guys, Should I stop investing and move on instead? Is he just after sex?

I've been dating this guy exclusively for about 1-2months now (1 of them he had been on vacation so we didn't see each other). We had slept with each other on our fourth date. (I had been a virgin and he was very careful) After that night he kept contacting me and asking me out. We went out for drinks and were just talking. One week later he asked me to join his friend&gf and him to the pool. Later that day the exclusivity talk happened (I didn't plan to but somehow it just happened). I told him "Other guys keep asking me out and it's tough to know what to say. I don't know where I am at with you." He meant to just tell them that I'd been going out with him. Later I texted him to forget about what I had said and just continue as usual (because I was afraid of scaring him off at this early stage). He then wanted to know if I'd agree that we don't date other people. I did. Now the thing is that it feels casual to me. When we meet we watch Netflix and have sex. I talked to him about it. He meant he's not intending it to feel that way. He rarely shows any affection. During his vacation he has never said that he misses me. "I am thinking about you a lot" and "looking forward to seeing you" was all that I've heard. He sometimes ignores my messages and comes up with something completely different.
What's your opinion?

Anyone else please?


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  • In my opinion, as soon as you accept a date with someone, whether it be defined as "exclusive" or not, it should be assumed that you DO NOT see anyone else, or entertain the thought of dating someone else. I think you damaged whatever you had with him by telling him other guys are asking you and you don't know what to think. I know you didn't mean or intend it, but I get the sense he doesn't feel you are special to him anymore because you mentioned these other guys. I also think the way your relationship started was a bit on the messy side with the vacation stalling any progression, which is also contributing to this issue. This isn't anyone's fault, but all the more reason to communicate.

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