Should I just forget about him and move on?

There's this guy. His name is Neil and well I met him at my work as a cashier and well we met last month and from day one he was very "aggressive" in pursuing me and wanting to get to know me. We traded numbers and he began calling me and actively pursuing me (on the phone we would talk for hours), through text as well... but more talking on the phone. Through out getting to know me, he found out that I was six years older than him. I guess that bothered him and he realized it but he was nice before and he told me that it didn't bother him (which I guess was a lie). Then we sort of "broke up" even though we weren't really a couple if you know what I mean. Just getting to know. Also, he's not ready for kids or settling down (he's 25 and I am 31). I mentioned I wanted that in the past, but now I wasn't so sure. We broke up finally and stopped contacting each other and a week later he apologizes and says he wanted to pursue a friendship at least. We meet up on our first date as "friends" and ended up having sex. I don't know what to think anymore, but I certainly don't want to be used. Plus, the sad part is, when I was doing it with him, I thought of my recent ex.


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  • well if you want friends with benefits then he might be a good choice. if not drop him like a hot tamale.


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