What not to do on a first date?

It can be funny, serious, or just weird. You can use your own experiences (i love stories) or just give an opinion. But what are some things you should NEVER do on a first date?


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  • Arrive drunk and vomit. Leave with another woman. Get the girl drunk and then ask her to dance. Remember to be nice and respectful to everyone even if it's a person you really hate because your date will notice how you are with other people. It's best to not talk about your past medical history or current illnesses on the first date. REMEMBER to call your date the correct name especially during sex if the first date ever gets that far. Never kiss after eating garlic or onions. Never Thank the person after the date is over with an email unless you are a VERY shy person. Being a gentlemen at all times is a MUST so never get out of the car and race your date to the front door of the restaurant and then sit down before she does.

  • Don't ask for any sort of commitment on a first date, and maybe not even on a second or third.let him/her have equal voices in deciding how serious to get.

    And don't get upset if they talk to friends they meet, or act friendly with people you're around.

    That just gives you a chance to see how they are with other people; with you they are going to be on their best behavior.so take the chance to see how they act when not under any pressure.


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