Cute way to be asked out?

So ladies,
What would be a cute way for a guy to ask you out?

Guys, How would you ask a girl out?


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  • I'd play you a song, and sing... even when I'm not able to sing well, you might be worth it.

    I'd play your favorite song play on the background on a skypecall, and in the meantime I'll show you cute slides with words on it


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  • Never really thought about a cute way to be asked out... but the way my dad proposed to my mom was sweet and kind of bad ass if you ask me.
    They were driving around in his old Chevy and they stopped to look out over a hill top. Dad asked mom to get the map out of the glove box. The glove box was broken so my dad kicked it in to make the door pop open. He had rigged it to where the small, black box would fall out on my moms lap. And that's how my dad proposed, wearing a baseball cap and snakeskin boots, in a beat up old Chevy, with one arm around my mom and one hand on the steering wheel. It was sweet, romantic, and just simple enough that he could still have his "manly pride."


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  • i have piped onto of a cake asking a girl out before


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