Does she have a fear of Relationships, or trying to break things off with me?

I've known this girl at Tim Hortons for about 6 months.. She asked for my name about 3 months ago. I decided that I really liked her and I had to do something about it, so I asked her out, and she said yeah sure! So later on I gave her a piece of paper with my number and said to text me when she has time to hang out. She said "awesome!" She texted me that same evening just to say hi and to tell me what she was doing? That's when things kind of when awkward, I have texted her 4 times in the last month with no response, and tried adding her on Facebook just lately, only to be rejected. I have been going to that Tim Hortons for a long time, 2-3 times a day, and everytime I see her, she acts and talks to me like normal, actually I think we get along pretty good when I see her. She smiles and or waves whenever she sees me. Wouldn't she make it pretty obvious if she didn't like me or my attention?


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  • She has to be nice to you at work. That's what she's getting paid for - good customer service.

    • That's fine, but she singles me out whenever she sees me and smiles or waves, no other customers get that... And when she's at the drive through window, she acts good around me, no hesitation...

    • I think it's pretty clear she only wants a professional relationship, dude.

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