My boyfriend took me to his sisters wedding then left me alone the entire night?

Before the wedding my boyfriend and I (together for 2 years) got into a fight & went to sleep distant but we seemed to clear things up enough the next day to still go to the wedding together. When we got there he didn't introduce me to one person. I had known some of immediate family but there were a lot of family there from out of state that he was catching up with. A few times I was there standing with him & he didn't introduce me & other times he just would walk away to talk with family & not even tell me anything before he walked away. Through out the night he stayed clear away from me, talking with others & leaving me by myself. There were a few times where I decided to just go & find him to chat with him and within a few minutes he'd be gone. I tried to chat a little with other family members but for the most part everyone was chatting with their family or friends.

Later he came & apologized that he was gone & I explained to him that I was hurt by it but I would get over it. I had been handed a dog to dog sit by one of his family members & he was pretty much my companion for the night. He got upset & told me "I can't be the one to determine your mood." & that I needed to "try". Later, after things seemed to get better I told him that I was getting tired & cold so I was going to nap in his car. Infront of his friends he asked me if I was seriously tired or if I was just going to be angry when I got into the car. I told him that wasn't the case at all! That the jacket I was borrowing originally from his dad had to be given back & that I was going to be too cold out here without it & that I was to getting tired. He then flipped me off! Infront of his friend! I was just so embarrassed that I started walking away. He laughed and said it was a joke. Later when we came back to the hotel he ended up leaving again with his buddies and came back completely drunk. Am I being dramatic? or is there something wrong here?

Please help..


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  • sounds to me like he was still pissy about the previous night.

    • that's kinda how i feel also. but this isn't the first time that he ditched me for his guys. there will be times where he's invited me over then his buddies just come over and they talk and drink all night. Ill try to chat and hang out with them too but they talk over me and cut me off. and i've told him that i'd rather not hang out with him when he's with the guys because of it.

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    • Well the thing is he was visiting with family from out of state too.. So either i wasn't brought up at all or they didn't ask for him to introduce me..

      we talked last night and he said this was the same issue his ex wife had and that she would often be hurt that he didn't make her feel welcomed when with others and that he would be distant. he ended up getting angry that I told him how i felt about being put in that situation and he went off telling me how miserable and that he always has to worry if im going to be in a good mood when we are out and when i asked him if he still wanted to be with me he flipped telling me "why do i always have to make the decisions why do you always put it on me?" so I told him we were finished... it wasn't what I wanted.. I wanted to work things out but he clearly isn't happy with me.. just an all over shitty situation.. i'm sure its best that we part ways but I have so much love and I would've tried to work things out and he seemed to have wanted to in the

    • the beginning of the conversation..

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  • This is not okay behavior from him. At first it sounded like he was still bitter about the fight but as your story goes on it sounds like you get this kind of behavior from him a lot. Flipping you off isn't a joke.

    Ignoring you most of the night is mean but if that was all and you knew the family then okay. But the business about the car sounds controlling and he must have known you were upset. Then he left you to go off with his friends?

    In a fight like this if my boyfriend was drunk and acting out of character (past boyfriends) either his Mom, Dad or sibling would take me under their wing and let me sit with them. You were on your own amongst his close friends and family that you have met? He doesn't respect you and you aren't cut out for each other. If you had no advocate at his sister's wedding then none of them like you. MOVE ON- he is abusing you until you walk away.

    • I mean his aunts chatted with me for some time. One of his aunts even told me that I had to help him because he was raised in a very unfeminist family. I told her myself that I couldn't be the one to do that. His aunts have always been very kind of me but I didn't expect them to take me around with them the entire night you know? And his mother came by and checked on me also but of course I said I was okay.

      We are going to talk tonight... I'm going to bring up what happened however I feel like I already know he's going to get upset and defensive, saying that he is always having blame put on him.

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