Confused Mixed signals?

I'm very confused. I've been talking to a guy for a month now. I work away from home 1/2 the year, but I come home every other month for a month at a time. He wanted to date and then he got cold feet, so I backed off. He told me he wasn't sure if he could handle the distance and was afraid I would be to easy to fall for. He texts me every day and the other day asked if I would be willing to just be friends, because he's pretty sure he can't handle me being gone. The minute I said "yes", he asked me out on a date, sent me a text in the morning telling me what a great time he had and thanked me. Then me the next night and asking what I was doing, and asked me out again. We have great conversation and I can tell he likes me and he's afraid. When I was leaving after the 2nd he pulled me in and hugged me for a good minute and kept squeezing like he didn't want to let go and has been texting all the time still.

What at do I do? Move on or see if he comes around? Quit answering his texts?


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  • You are old enough to know that you need confident men.


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