Girls, Did you know that because of you I will never have a girlfriend?

Because you are shallow, you only want white men and black men, bad boy douchebags, you don't like EDM, most of you girls my age are pothead losers, drunkards, and junkies, you're full of yourselves, stuckup and sexist. You think good is weak and undesireable and bad is attractive and desireable. You never take responsiblity for your faults and actions and say it is my fault. I have come to the conclusion that women in america are not worth my time and I should marry or go for women of my own race. Why should I bother with these racist women who view Indian men and Asian men as inferior and undesireable and chase after black men and white men only.

I don't do drugs and I am proud of it.
I don't drink alcohol and I am proud of it.
I don't smoke and I am proud of it.
I listen to Electronic Dance Music and I am proud of it.


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  • Dude, I don't know you and I didn't do shit to you. Stop acting like an entitled little brat and grow up. Some people are not going to like you. Get over it. You are wasting your time and energy being bitter instead of actual putting in work to find someone who actually likes you. You don't get shit for being a good person. Everyone has good qualities and bad qualities. There are no absolutes and acting like this shows everyone that you have spent zero time trying to understand people and the world.

    • Put in work like what? Start sagging my pants and having a criminal record?

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    • Because everywhere I go I see girls with guys who are thugs/criminals, my mom works at a motel and she always has criminal drug dealers and pimps checking in with their hot girlfriends. When I was in high school here in america all the girls dated the guys who dressed like thugs.

      Just look around you all the pretty white girls go for thugs and that angers me.

    • That's called confirmation bias. You see only what you are looking for. If you look for Honda Civics driving around you will see them everywhere but if someone asks you how many Toyota Corolla you saw you won't remember many even if there were the same amount as the Hondas.

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  • Stop whining, crying, and blaming everyone else for why you are not desirable as an unique individual.

    • Stop being sexist. Men are allowed to complain just as much as women are. It's really unfair that when women complain it's viewed as "empowering".

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    • Like I said, this conversation is completely unproductive, meaningless, and an utter waste of my time so long as you keep voicing those false, unrealistic, unknowledgeable statements.

    • FYI , stop being so damn fragile. Seriously. You need to have thicker skin.

  • I can understand why you get mad, but it's not necessarily every girl. For me it's more personality. I've seen and Indian people plenty of times some are attractive and some aren't, some have accents and some don't. I've also dated a "thug" it's not highlight I've realized how stupid and niavve it was, but girls aren't necessarily looking for "thugs" there looking for good men but just gives us a thrill. Later they will realize a "thug" isn't someone they will enjoy. It's not what they put on the news effects nor will it effect thousands of other people what they put on news will effect us. Not going to lie many girls could be racists assholes, but you can't really count that against the whole entire population. it's also the same for men possibly too. Different types of people will judge you for race no more definitely, but there are others who won't care for race and get to the personality. As long as you be rude and have negative comments towards others you could be alright.

  • I don't drink, do drugs, smoke and I'm proud of it and yet I managed to find someone. And *gasp* its even an Asian man! And I certainly could find new men if needed.
    You know what turns girls off the most? Whiney men who don't take responsibility for themselves.

    • So what else am I supposed to do huh? You don't like Indians, you hate Indian men regardless of how they look or act or whatever. So why bother. If a black man or white man crosses your path you drool but when it's a Indian man you show disgust and disdain towards us. So why bother in general with white people since white people hate Indian people for no reason.

    • My best friend is Sri Lankan and I think he's hot. Stop generalizing.

  • Actually if your post is anything to go by its your attitude that makes girls not want to date you. We aren't things that HAVE to date you, stop being entitled.

    • I didn't say you have to date me I am saying you judge me and view me as "inferior" because of my race and because of what I like and how I chose to be as an individual. I expect to be treated as an EQUAL.

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    • Church of England. I come from South Africa not India.

    • So the protestants. Ah got it. And i don't give a fuck what country you come from tbh. It really doesn't bother me at all.

  • Why are you blaming us all..

  • Girls don't like guys with shitty attitudes. When will you guys ever learn?

    • And the same goes for you I don't like people who view a certain race of men as superior to others and show nothing but hate and disdain towards certain races.

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    • Oh yes you do you call Indian men ugly creepy perverts and then you say black men are handsome and white men are "cute".

    • No, I actually don't call anyone ugly. I only call people creepy if they are being creepy.