Girl freezes when we get close to taken relationship to the next level?

Have you've ever been in a scenario where you've had a girl like you but when you try to take it to the next level she freezes. I was out with a girl in a group scenario. When she arrived she asked me how long i was staying for and if i fancied doing a chair ride with her i said i would. She allowed me put my arm around her and place my hand on her lap, however when i went to kiss her she dodged it. we have texted and spoken but she never said to me she wants to be friends. my friends reckon she is interested too, it just appears that she freezes. I really need to talk to her. have any of you been in this scenario or been like her. I reckon she may have been hurt badly in a previous relationship or perhaps its a whole new experience for her.


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  • Maybe she was nervous

    • I think you are right, i need to talk to her and put her at ease.

    • Yup, you should.

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