Does it seem like my boyfriend is telling the truth?

My boyfriend of 2 years broke up with me because he thought id be better off without him. I found out that he was texting another girl right before we broke up. We're now back together after 3 months of being apart, but while we were apart, he started dating the girl he was texting. I read through his text messages to her and he told her that he loved her so much and told her she was sexy, and all of these other sweet things. He told me that he didn't love her and that he didn't think she was attractive at all, and she meant nothing to him and that he was just trying to get me off his mind. He said he didn't want to be with her but it happened because he thought dating her would make him forget me. I just dont get why he would date her if he didn't even like her and all the stuff he told me is true, but he seems really sorry about all of it and i really think he does love me. Should i believe what he's saying?


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  • Maybe he needed to see what it would be like with someone else to know how good he really had it


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  • I'd believe 1/2 of what he said of course he was attracted to her. he wanted to hook up with her while you were together, broke up to make it happen and he probably was trying to forget you. But, It didn't work out with her and thankfully (for him) you were right there waiting for him. Think about that.


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  • Nope. He might love you now and he might continue loving you for another two or three months, but he has been with her and did not immediately break that off when he got together with you. Chances are he's going to do it again. Don't take the risk of getting your heart broken again, save yourself the insecurities and look for someone trustworthy. You deserve it. :)

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