How to visit by boyfriend who lives 4 hours away?

my boyfriend is 4 hours away from me but i dont want to spend the night cause my parents would freak out if i did cause they dont approve of him and they want me to get a job. this will be in a couple months but on my day off how can i drive 4 hours each way and not spend the night and be with my boyfriend?

he's been driving to see me and i don't want him to do that anymore and my parents say if I'm living at home i have to follow their rules and they don't want to see him.


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  • Get a motel or do it all in one day. Drive to him spend four hours with him and drive back. You're a grown woman your parents can't tell you what to do anymore


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  • Since you're both legal adults, why not meet each other at a mutual spot and get a hotel room together?
    Driving 4 hours to see him...
    And then 4 hours back is really a lot... WOW (especially when you're not even spending the night).

    • he's a firefighter so he can't really drive up here all the time and my parents said if I'm living at home i have to do what they say and they said i can't see him

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    • A (4 hour hotel).

      Not all hotels charge night fee.

    • Not sure if it's like that where you live... but over here in NY we have quite a few.
      See if you can google them.

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  • Meet each other halfway to save on drive time.

    Get a motel as previously suggested.

    Have him drive to you.


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