This online guy who I like is ignoring me?

( no negative comments, I know the risk of online dating c: )

So I joined this social networking site a month ago. I was bored that's why I made it. And it was a good site to meet up new people with the same interest as yours. So the second day , I messaged this guy and we hit off pretty quickly. We became really good friends and I started to really like him. It wasn't intentional. We just clicked with each other. After few days, I added him on Kik. And we used to talk a lot on kik. And I found out we had very similiar tastes with each other. It felt good to be so connected with someone again. So I aked him out ( I know it was sudden but I really wanted to be with him ) and he said yes. So we talked normally for a whole week. We were really love dovey with each other and stuff and I felt like nothing could go wrong. Then he disappeared for two days and when he came back, he said this distance was too much for him to handle and he couldn't be with me anymore. But he said he was always here to talk and he still really liked me.

I was really hurt. But I kept my compusure and suggested that him and I should be friends. He agreed. We started talking again. We talked talked every day for a whole week and we were still acting like a couple, saying romantic stuff to each otherand how we wanted to be with each other in the future. I thought we were back to normal and I was so happy about it.

BUT once again, he started ignoring me. We were talking normally and he just stopped replying without giving me any warning. I sent him 4 text messages, and he yet has to answer them. He has been online. The site we met told me that his account was online all day. So yeah I am really confused at what is going on his mind.

Do you think I'm too overbearing? What should I do? Should I send him more text messages? Or let him come to me? Does he need space? What if he doesn't talk to me anytime soon /: ?

I would appreciate advices xx


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  • i would give him a couple of days and then send him a message asking if he is ok, if he doesn't reply then there is a chance he doesn't want to to talk sorry to say

    • How many days should I give him? :(

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    • I did ask him how he has been after 4 days and he hasn't still replied even though he saw my messages x-x

    • then im afraid he doesn't want to talk and you need to think about moving on

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