Was this question a indirect question if I have feelings for him?

Me and this guy have had sex about 4-5 times now. Met him about 2 months ago now. He always invites me to come out to the bars with him. So far I meet all his friends, co workers and even his uncle. He will text me in the day asking how I'm doing or text me to come out tonight. My friend is also having sex with his friend even tho his friend has a girlfriend, horrible I know... But after we got done have sex this past Saturday, he goes so does Tara have feelings for Jay? I go I don't know why? He tells me something like this, I can't remeber his exact words but it was bc they are having sex and you do or usually get feelings with having sex or something like that. I go oh well I think she does but I don't know about him. your a guy, you would know.. but I wonder was that a question for me? Bc him and i are having sex... Or do you think it was really about my friend.. is he saying he's getting feelings for me? This guy confuses me to a T. Bc he is so affectionate even at the bar, and holding my hand etc. He Invites me out places to drink and that night when he played pool in which I was suppose to be his partner, I Went back by the bar and right when he got done he came by me and was with me the whole night instead of with his friends/ buddies. That morning I left at 5 am and he didn't want me to leave, he wanted me to cuddle and kept peck kissing me. Then walked me out his apt and gave me a hug and a few peck kisses... He is always so affectionate the next morning and even when we are at the bar. He acts like we are together but we are not. But yet he never asks me out on a date or for lunch... My friends think I am just eye candy and to have a good time with. Am I? Or is he starting to have feelings for me? And was that question about us instead of my friend having feelings for his friend? Just trying to understand this guy..


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  • He has feelings for you AND was asking about jay and the chick. But he wasn't making a subtle comment about you and he.

    • How can you tell if he has feelings? Bc I wonder if all I am is just a f buddy and nothing more...

    • Everything you've said tells me he likes being around you and like you being around him and his friends and it's not just in the bedroom. That adds up to more than a friends with benefits thing.

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