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So I'm dating my bestfriends best friend and they always hang out and are super close. We've been dating for almost a month and he's the sweetest guy. We're pretty much always hanging out but when we do, my best friend is always there. It kinda gets annoying and I get really jealous when they hang out because my best friend USED to like him but says she does n't anymore. She has a boyfriend but the other night when me and her had a sleepover she said maybe her and MY boyfriend could date someday in highschool. It's like she doesn't want me to date him, yet she got us together. I really like him and everyone says he likes me. I want to tell her to back off but she's gonna get really defensive and tell him and make it seem like I'm the bad person. I really need help... I have no idea what to do! Advice please?


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  • Can't you try telling your boyfriend that sometimes you need to spend time together just the two of you without her? Be diplomatic when you mention it to him. As for your friend, yes she sounds like she has the hots for your boyfriend and now he has more value in her eyes than before. Did you confront her about what she said?

    • Yeah. She took it ok and said she felt really bad.