What should a girl text to a guy if she wants to see him again after a date?

I'm curious to know your opinions on this issue. How should a girl text in order to let a guy know that she'd like to go on another date. Is 'thanks for a lovely evening' enough or should it be more emphatic eg 'thanks for a lovely evening, I had a great time', or should she be more forward eg 'I had a really lovely evening, you'll have to let me know if you'd like to meet up again'.

Interested in both guys and girls' opinions on this. Dating is such a minefield!


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  • "I had a great night, we should do it again some time."
    Who cares. You can say anything and he'll be like "yisss."


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  • I mean, it's not a total minefield, if you stay honest with yourself and remember that whatever you say honestly and non resticted was just that you know? If someone finds the real you off putting are they worth your time? I don't think so.
    Anyway, I would go with the last one, lol if a guy wants to go out with you you telling him your up for next time ain't gonna discourage him, and c'mon if he's already made up his mind no, then what do you care if he thinks it's clingy FUCK EM
    Lol do you girl!


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  • Meh - let him text you. If the feeling is mutual he will bother. Just make sure you reply and try and start a conversation, rather than a dead end reply.