Had some interest from completely random girls at bar but wasn't sure where to try and take things?

both 2 incidents happened rather quickly and involved fairly attractive young women in early 20's that i had seen at country type bars. i sort of saw them and decided i was interested in them and they picked up on it rather quick and things got interesting. the one night i had a lot more to drink than other , so the first encounter was maybe different than normal as most nights i'd have 2 beers max but that night i had like 5. but i meet this group of girls and took interest in 1 girl and she danced around me for a while and eventually we talked and danced togther. but i didn't really know where to try and take things as this bar was in city i don't live in and i had just meet her and she was also drinking a lot that night. but she did seem really interested in me considering we had just meet , i feel like i didn't handle it right and maybe overwelmed that she was even into me as she was pretty stunning.
the second incident happened at another bar that is closer to where i live , meet her under similar circumstances, like i saw her and was into her and then she went out of her way to get my attention ( she touched me on back when i was standing near her and then ) we also danced together in a rather public setting and she seemed to enjoy my presence but then turned down my offer to buy her a drink which i found odd and eventually she just wandered off after. i look back and whole thing happened rather quickly and maybe i didn't handle it right as she did seem into me but then pulled back after i showed i was into her

but still i meet 2 really attractive girls i should of under reasonable circumstances had little chance with so i must of been doing something right but something wrong as they both got away


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  • Those are jsut hookups akways


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