What's wrong with me?

Okay! So... I'm 21... and I've never had a boyfriend... I feel like something may be wrong with me... my friends tell me I'm super sweet, I'm funny, I have a good personality, good sense of humor, I'm a good listener.. I mean I feel like I'm pretty... I mean I'm no super model... I need to loose a few ponds... I don't think I'm ugly though... I just don't know... people tell me I just haven't met the one yet... I just don't know what to do... I've only met one guy who I liked... he's in his 40s... and nothing has happened with that yet... so what's wrong with me?


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  • You don't seem 'easy' at liking guys: liked only one, 2x your age.
    High standards thus.

    • I do have high standards... because I just don't want to be with anyone...

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    • What problem.

    • Having standards too high for the usual friendships (and ev hook ups). I missed many good enough people that way.

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  • Nothing's wrong Hun, you maybe need to get out to different places to meet guys. Are you in school?

    • Nope. I have a full time job working for a doctor...

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    • Well, one of my friends has a boyfriend... she's tried to set me up with a couple of guys... but, I'm not attracted to them by the pictures she shows me and what she tells me about them...(I know looks don't matter, but... you have to at least be somewhat attracted to them.) so... my other friend doesn't have a boyfriend either... she's in the same boat as me.

    • I would say go out in a group. Guys and girls. Photos can be tough to immediately gauge attraction but add in social skills a couple beers and your views may change. Don't put pressure on yourself to meet a guy though. Just have fun.
      Good luck. ❤️

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