What should I do?

I'm not sure what to do... My boyfriend got angry at me. I don't know how to make up for my mistake. We were at a party (which involved both guys and girls sleeping over) and in the morning, his phone went off. Everyone in the room told me to shut it off, so I did. After that, I started to read his text messages... I did it once before and he told me he didn't like me going through his phone, but I felt like something was up because of a recent change in his behavior. I found a conversation he'd had with another girl and they were saying things like "I love you" and flirting. He even sent her a message saying something like he wasn't trying to get in her pants, but he really liked her. After that one, I got so angry and I talked to him about it later that day.

He got quiet at first, then he told me it was a childhood friend and he he hadn't seen her ever since she moved. She recently moved back and she started crushing on him. He said she would get angry at him if he didn't respond "the right way" in conversation. He told me he was afraid to tell her how he really felt (he didn't like her like he loved me), but he said to her that he was already taken. He didn't seem too mad about me going into his phone... but things got worse later that day.

I don't know what got into me, but I started texting his "friend" and tried to ask her for her version of the story my boyfriend gave me. I told her about the texts and she was acting like she didn't know anything, but then told me that they were "just friends" and she "loved him in a friend kind of way". Shortly after that text, my boyfriend texts me and says "what did you say to her?" I went over to his house and started talking to him. He was clearly upset. He now believes I don't trust him and thinks he's going to lose his "friend" because of what I said. She texted him and was angry with him because I was texting her. And he told me earlier that day he was trying very hard not to yell at me for looking in his phone. Then he started to talk about his past relationships and told me whenever someone "butted in on his personal stuff" he ended up losing friends. And he started comparing me to the first girl he ever really loved and told me all the girls he dated after his first love he didn't really love, but he needed someone to be there. He said "this feels like breaking up with her all over again" to me.

I gave him my reasons why I did what I did and I admitted that I was out of control. This is only the second time a fight has happened in our relationship of a year. I'm just afraid of getting hurt again... we did date around a bit before and after 6 months of that, he broke up with me via text. But since we got back together, things have changed and I really do trust him, I guess I just don't trust the girls. =P

I feel like I've really hurt him and I feel terrible about what I did. What can I do? I really do love him and I don't wanna lose him...Sorry that this was so long>.>


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  • You really need to not be with him. fromt eh sounds of it there's more going on there then what either of them are saying. and if she inknowngliy going after your man and he isn't doing anything to stop her or tell her that its not appropriate then he doesn't value YOU. Move on honey find something better...

  • OK you need to get out of this relationship. He's texting another girl that he loves her! If he's in a relationship with you, if he truly CARED about you, he would not be texting another girl that he loves her. What a scumbag!

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