Sharing information on social media?

So I've started to date a guy who posts often on social media. I honestly don't understand the hype. Who cares? It's annoying, and I don't feel comfortable with my life being on the internet. I'd rather have the few people who are close to me know my details rather than having posts to gain attention on fb and twitter. Anyway, he wanted to share our relationship status on fb. I refused, but after so long he kept complaining it meant a lot to him and he wants people to see. He enjoys sharing his life like that to whoever follows/is "friends" with him. I tried to explain how I felt but he doesn't understand and says it means a lot to him. I finally said he could post the relationship thing, but stuff like that is annoying. Does anyone else feel like this, and should I drop it or should he respect what I feel?

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  • You're just more private than he is. To him, your hesitance to not make his relationship status official with him on Facebook makes him think that you want to appear single to the cyber world, or that you are ashamed to publically say you are with him.

    This is one of those situations that have to be talked about with no feeling spared.


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  • I know exactly how you feel! I find social media to be pointless, unproductive, and a waste of my creative energy. Like you, I also have privacy concerns with as far as who officially owns my pictures and videos once they are released on certain websites. So I totally see where you’re coming from!

    He should respect and honor your wishes but it is very sweet that he wants everyone to know who his girlfriend is.


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  • I feel ya, I don't giving off much about me online cause I don't want like Facebook to be like my online portfolio. I wouldn't trip in your case though cause it's just a relationship status


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