If I'm not interested in a cute, sweet, and decent guy, is it horrible just to ignore him, or mostly ignore him?

I've had quite a few guys interested in me in the past year, and some of them were really awesome guys but I'm not interested in any of them.

  • Ignoring is better than saying something hurtful.
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  • When you ignore the guy you're telling him two things

    1) I'm not interested in you
    2) you're not worth giving an explanation to



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  • Always give an explanation. ESPECIALLY if they're nice. I even give fuck boys explanations until they get too obnoxious and THEN I turn into a bitch.


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  • You don't need to ignore them, just don't make it look like you're interested. If they ask you out, gently reject.

  • Just tell them you're simply not interested. They're going to feel hurt regardless but ignoring will come off as more insulting.

  • It's fine to ignore them until you are approached. Then just indicate your lack of interest politely but clearly. Don't waffle with "Sorry, I'm busy." You don't have to say any more than "Thanks, you're very nice, but you aren't my type." Never apologize, never explain.


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