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Continue to date someone who admits they cheated in their last relationship?

Hey everyone, just looking for some opinions..

I've been dating this woman for the last couple months and things got serious quite fast. When we're together things are great but she does have a somewhat sordid past and told me when we first started dating that she had no interest in ever getting married or having children. After the first month, she has changed her mind about those two things and told me I was the first guy she could actually see that kind of a future with. Great.

Since then she's been really open with me about all the things from her past. Nothing I was too uncomfortable with at the time she told me. She did, however, tell me that she cheated in her last relationship of 10+ months because she wasn't getting enough sex. Fine. What bothered me wasn't that she cheated, because the guy she was with was no prince charming, but that in the way she told me about it she sounded like cheating was justified and she didn't seem to feel sorry she did it.

I know 'cheaters will always cheat' isn't always the truth but what does bother me is that she 'gave up' on repairing that relationship and opted to cheat.. If I'm going to have a future with someone, I'd like to trust the person I'm with will go as far as me to fix things when things get hard. She's also still friends with a fair amount of guys she's dated and hooked up with over the years. That didn't bother me at first but now knowing she isn't above cheating just for sex, it gives me pause.

I told her my concern about it and that I need space this week to think. I told her I'd talk to her once I've had time to sort it out.

What do you guys think?
Continue to date someone who admits they cheated in their last relationship?
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