I really like this girl, should I make one last attempt to date her?

We hung through out summer, we click and always have a great time. Originally she said she wasn't looking for a relationship but this was before we even hung out once so I thought that was fine that we'd just hang out and get to know each other. A few months later I told her I wanted to date her & she said she didn't see us dating/that she was working through some things in her life. Fast forward we continued to hang out but about a month ago I decided I couldn't be just friends because I really like this girl. I kind of figured I'd wait for her to ask me to hang out with her and since then we haven't talked as much or seen each other in person once.

My problem is I keep thinking about her, I like her quite a bit. I want a chance to date her. Should I make a move? What should the move be? Is this whole situation a lost cause? Girls if you were at all interested would you reach out?


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  • I don't think she is interested in you. The whole situation is a lost cause. Move on.


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