Girls! Have you ever started talking to a guy but never met up with him simply because you were too nervous to meet him?

I ask this because I met this girl off tinder and we talked for a while and I wanted to meet up, she agreed but everytime I asked her she had an excuse. It was weird cause then she would drunk texting me saying she wanted to meet. Eventually we stopped talking, so my question is could this have been nerves? Have you girls felt nervous and just didn't meet them because you were too nervous or just wasn't ready? I also ask this cause she mentioned she had a bad experience with her last boyfriend. She told me was cheated on and not only that her dad cheated on her mom around the same time and it had wuite a toll on her

Also she is who she says she is. We followed each other and instagram and snapchat so she would send me random pics or vids wherever she was.
Were both 22.
We talked everyday for about 2 months she seemed excited to meet me but everytime the oppurtnity came up she'd have a last minute excuse and tell me next time


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  • Yes, I was in a similar position as in, I started chatting to a guy online, we clicked really well, he would ask me to meet up and I would be excited and tell him I was or whatever but as the days grew closer to actually meeting him I'd chicken out because I couldn't handle the nerves, it was so frustrating for me aswell as him, I however suffer from social anxiety has she mentioned if she had anything like that to you before?

    • Nah she hasn't but id imagine its just like what you said, from nerves. She did mention she was cheated on and it affected her pretty badly since her mom was also cheated on by her dad. So id imagine it was nerves and she wasn't really ready to meet anybody new

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  • Maybe... but i think she might be nervous also because you're a stranger and thats kinda scary to meep someone online. Thats why i dont do this..

  • I do this all of the time. I met up with one guy and got on with him so well until i found out he was just using me so after that i just get so scared of being treated like that again.


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