What to do should I talk to him? Should I forget it?

I kinda met this guy by accident not know him really never talked or introduced ourselfs more like only seen each other at events. My little cousins soccer game he's the coach well not his but the other team so I wouldn't see him that much cause he coaches the other team.. Not my cousins he knows my cousin he picked him up to join the league (soccer) so he knows my uncle. I've seen him 4 times tho we wouldn't talk I can't find a conversation about cause he's on the other team last time I went up and he was in a booth asking parents to sign up their kids to their team. So mom told me to go ask what it was bout I did. He was there so I said "what are doing here" there was more guys there and he said " what do u mean what am I doing here"? But in a weird voice like somewhat deep I don't know he doesn't sound like that when he talks I've (heard him) so it was weird and he then told me what he was doing etc. And it was awkward for me and weird so i said okay thank you and I left. So now I want to talk but I can't cause I found out by ig he's no longer working there so should I message him on there and ask about my cousin would it be weird if I did. My cousin doesn't want to be in the team anymore so should i say something about that? Do u think he would remember me. ? Should I just stop forget everything

Should I completely forget everything


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  • Go ahead. Have a conversation

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