I think I'm being duped gradually?

Hi, I can't exactly make heads or tails of this situation. Its been almost three weeks, and I originally met this decent guy at a function. We would text the commonalities of 'how are you?' and stuff like that. He went to do some travelling in WA as he is in the recruitment business industry, he is also 5 years older. At first I was sceptical about the age as we are on different stages, but through some common interests, I was ok with that. We were intending to go out for a date once he is done with his business ordeal. We were not texting for a few days, and I shooted one off and he didn't respond for a further couple of days. I told him there was a communication barrier and if he was serious about this, he told me that his grandfather died and he had other priorities. Initially I felt offended but I sent my condolences and gave him a few days of space. During this week I had asked him how he was going and then at MIDNIGHT he sent me a text explaining that he attended to his funeral and he is back to his trip. I assume its because his work isn't finished, but I haven't communicated to see why. There is that link of me wanting to actually find out more about him, but I feel like we're drifted off, which is a shame as we had a nice connection. I can't be too emotionally available, but I was compassionate. I am aware he would be in grievance. I need some advice on how to deal with this situation, guys your insight please and girls if you been in a similar situation, what was your approach? Thanks in advance, this is probably the longest post I've sent!.

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  • 5 years age difference is nothing. I know a happily married couple of 10 years who have a 30 year age difference. It is more an issue that women are not themselves until about 23. They can still be fun though.

    When "someone died" go look it up and read the obituary. Most of the time I've heard that from someone I just met, it was a scam for money. It sounds more like he is married, and probably older than you think. Maybe not, maybe not even close, but you've described a common pattern. Don't be accusatory, just do a little checking. It may very well be that he is overwhelmed with family and work obligations right now. You can find out anything about anybody on internet. If he is married, that doesn't mean you can't have a relationship either, just that is not everyone's cup of tea.

    Don't push, just let things go with the flow. And don't put your emotions into it. He is just some guy. If he calls you when he is in town, great, go out and get to know each other. If not, so what, there is always some other guy.

    • He's real I first met him in person and people gave me info on who he is. Sounds cruel but it did sounded like some kind of work excuse of his grandfather but I do naively believe him. I just wonder why he would go back instantly after the funeral here. I do have a line of when it's too far, if he is married or god forbid has kids without telling me it's off. He still hasn't called me (or vice-versa) so I think it is close to ending. I don't even know when he comes back, I will shoot a simple text soon just to clarify things. I always seem to attract the unusual ones 😀

    • Just chill out and don't ever let your expectations get ahead of your experience with someone. If it works, fine, if not, fine too; there is always someone else.

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